PolyU to Enhance Undergraduate Curriculum From The 2022/23 Academic Year Onwards, Strengthening Students With Diverse Capabilities to Meet Future Societal Needs

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 September 2021 – Given the emergence of Industry 4.0 as a key trend that is shaping the future, innovation and technology have become the new driving force for the economy of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. In addition to acquiring professional knowledge, young people are required to master the skills needed by contemporary society and to possess an entrepreneurial spirit, in order to demonstrate diverse strengths such as creativity and problem-solving capability on different occasions. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is committed to providing high-quality education that keeps pace with the times. To better equip our students for societal needs, the University will fully implement department scheme-based admissions from the 2022/23 academic year onwards, thus providing students with more flexible study options and helping them to enhance their competitiveness.

  PolyU will fully implement department scheme-based admissions from the 2022/23 academic year onwards, thus providing students with more flexible study options.

Starting from the 2022/23 academic year, the new department scheme-based arrangement will be applied to all programmes (except for some specialised programmes such as Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing). Under the new arrangement, when students apply to PolyU, they will first select a scheme from a department. Upon enrolling to the University, students only need to undertake the common courses of the department in their first academic year. They will then select their Major in the second academic year. This will offer them more time to gain a better understanding about their own interests and aspirations, so as to make the most suitable choice in selecting their Major.

Furthermore, two new elements, namely “Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis” (AIDA) and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (IE), will be incorporated into the General University Requirement (GUR) from the next academic year. All undergraduate students must complete at least 2 credits of the AIDA courses and at least 1 credit of the IE courses within their 4-year study period to fulfil the minimum requirements for graduation.

Under the department scheme-based arrangement, students can choose to take a secondary Major in AIDA and IE. They are required to complete at least 66 credits for their primary Major, and at least 36 credits should be from AIDA or IE. The former includes Artificial Intelligence, Programming and other related subjects; while the latter features initiatives such as a 12-week company attachment and visits to the Greater Bay Area to learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, they must also acquire 30 credits from the GUR, totalling at least 132 credits to meet the graduation requirement. Students can also opt for a Minor in either AIDA or IE by taking 18 credits from the chosen subject area.

PolyU’s Vice President (Education), Prof. Kwok-yin WONG, said that by enhancing the undergraduate curriculum, PolyU aims to provide students with more flexible and customised programmes to meet societal needs. He explained, “University education aims to nuture future-ready leaders for society. We hope PolyU graduates will not only gain solid academic knowledge, but also have the diverse strengths that are essential for the future development of society. Therefore, PolyU is keen to promote a series of strategies to enhance the undergraduate curriculum in this respect, to be fully implemented in the next academic year. I believe these initiatives will help students acquire vital interdisciplinary knowledge, and also equip them with creative thinking to cope with the rapid changes in our world.”

To encourage undergraduate students to undertake research, PolyU launched the “Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme” (URIS) in the summer of 2021, providing funding for participating students to conduct scientific research projects. Students can submit applications individually or in groups, and each approved project will receive funding ranging from HK$50,000 to HK$100,000. Since the launch of the scheme, more than 110 projects have been approved, covering different research fields including Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, etc. A total of more than HK$ 5 million in funding has been granted so far. In addition to research funding, PolyU will also provide additional types of support to participants, such as guidance on research, as well as auto admission to the College of Undergraduate Researchers and Innovators (CURI). They will furthermore be given priority in the allocation of hostel places at PolyU’s new Residential College in the Homantin Student Halls of Residence, and will be provided access to seminars and sharing sessions on different topics with resident researchers.

Prof. Daniel SHEK, Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme) of PolyU, said: “Through the scheme, we hope to strengthen students’ curiosity in academic research and nurture the next generation of researchers. The first cohort of the scheme was launched in the summer of 2021, and drew a positive response with close to 250 applications. Among the more than 140 proposals received, over 80% were approved. We are pleased to see students demonstrate interest and enthusiasm in scientific research, and we hope they can learn from the experience and acquire knowledge to lay a solid foundation for their future career in research.”

PolyU will hold an Undergraduate Education Info day on 9 October 2021 (Saturday) to provide students with the latest information about its full-time undergraduate programmes, and will share further details of the new department scheme-based arrangement.

For more details of the PolyU “Undergraduate Education Info Day 2021”, please visit: www.polyu.edu.hk/infoday/

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CTBC Bank becomes first Taiwan client to clear at LCH ForexClear

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CTBC Bank has gone live as a client clearing FX derivatives at LCH
UBS acted clearing broker for the trade
ForexClear’s continues to grow its client base in Asia and globally – members and clients of ForexClear benefit from enhanced risk management, as well as margin, capital and operational efficiencies
Implementation of phase 5 of the uncleared margin rules (UMR) took effect from September 2021, impacting firms with derivatives of a notional value exceeding €50 billion

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 21 September 2021 – Rohit Verma, Head of Asia Pacific, LCH, said: “Taiwan is an important financial hub for the derivatives market and we are delighted to welcome CTBC Bank to the ForexClear service. With new uncleared margin rules phases coming in, firms are looking to optimise their derivatives portfolios through clearing at LCH. Phase 5 of the uncleared margin rules was implemented in September and firms are already preparing for Phase 6, coming into effect September 2022.”
Joe Chen, Head of Global Trading, CTBC Bank, said: “CTBC Bank has strong history of innovation and we are pleased to be the first Taiwan bank to become a client at ForexClear. Clearing at LCH allows us to efficiently manage our risk while benefitting from multilateral netting and a more streamlined derivatives portfolio.”
Victor Gusak, Head of APAC Execution & Clearing, UBS AG, said: “This go live is a significant milestone for both the Taiwan market and UBS’s global clearing franchise. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for our clients and we look forward to continuing to supporting CTBC Bank and the wider market in accessing clearing.”

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lch-clearnet/  
Twitter: @LCH_Clearing (https://twitter.com/LCH_Clearing)   

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GEODIS expands AirDirect service between Europe and Asia with new route

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Global logistics player eyes strong growth in Asia Pacific (APAC) through strategic expansion of its fixed schedule network

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 September 2021 – GEODIS, a global leading transport and logistics services provider, is extending its AirDirect service with the addition of a twice weekly flight routed London Stansted (STN)/Amsterdam (AMS)/ Hong Kong (HKG)/STN/AMS. With the new schedule coming into effect from October, GEODIS’ APAC customers will have access to almost 80 percent of European destinations within 24 hours. This new investment underscores the company’s enhanced focus on the APAC region and its commitment to serve a greater range of business verticals in Asian markets. GEODIS will in part use its new A330-300 full freighter aircraft to operate this rotation between Europe and Asia.

GEODIS expands AirDirect service between Europe and Asia with new route

As manufacturing in Asia continues to be the backbone of several key European business sectors, the requirement for exporters to secure reliable and well-priced freight forwarding services has become even more critical through the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak. The new route launch comes on the heels of the introduction of GEODIS’ Shanghai to Guadalajara flight in March this year, which has improved cargo connectivity to the West Coast of the Americas. GEODIS also continues with its dedicated service from Hong Kong to Guadalajara.

The new flight will also help expand GEODIS’ operations in Asia with increased connectivity, aiming to build on its existing customer base consisting of pharmaceutical, high tech, and retail clients. The new service will offer all the existing AirDirect options of AirFast, AirFlex, and AirSave services with much needed guaranteed capacity.

“The strength of our network in Europe plays a critical role in driving our growth in APAC. Opening up new and in-demand routes to better address our customers’ needs is a pivotal element of our aim to increase our footprint in growth markets,” said Onno Boots, President and Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, GEODIS. “Our business in APAC has seen steady and significant growth over the past few years and therefore we want to add more routes into our current network.”

The new route will connect more locations in the APAC region to markets in Europe and the Americas by leveraging GEODIS’ road network in Asia. This network plays an important role in the company’s business growth in Southeast Asia. GEODIS’ cross-border trucking operations offer scheduled departures for consignments along the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok axis, with multi-modal gateway services beyond these hubs. 

“While taking care of our customers’ priorities across the region, it’s very important for us, as a recognized service provider to factor in the demands of end users, who are comprised of high tech, automotive, and industrial customers,” said Chris Cahill, Managing Director, North Asia Sub-Region at GEODIS. “Having our own network combined with our recently expanded logistics facilities gives us unparalleled security and end-to-end control over every aspect of the operation, maintaining optimal conditions for the cargo, but also ensures our customers enjoy reliable capacity for moving supply parts to production facilities or finished goods to their destinations.”

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Google apps, meet iOS 15

Source: Google

Get ready to hit update. iOS 15 is here — and with it, many new features to improve your favorite Google apps.

Fewer interruptions when you focus

If you’re someone who gets non-stop notifications throughout the day, we bet you’ll enjoy the new Focus mode on iOS. Focus mode is really useful when you’re trying to get work done, study or just need a digital break. We’ve updated Google apps to work with Focus mode and make notifications as relevant and timely as possible.

For example, if you’re navigating somewhere with Google Maps, we’ll still let you know when you need to make a turn or if there are changes to your route — like road closures or unexpected traffic. Focus mode won’t silence these helpful, timely reminders.

Similarly, the Google Home app will let you know if there’s an unfamiliar face at your door. And if you set a reminder in Google Tasks that’s linked to a specific time, like “take the cupcakes out of the oven at 11:45,” we’ll be sure to notify you.

But notifications that aren’t as urgent or don’t require immediate action will go right to the Notifications Center, where you can check them whenever is most convenient for you.

In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see these new notification changes roll out across Gmail, Meet, Tasks, Maps, Home and many other Google apps. Try it out, your future self will thank you.

Bigger widgets for iPad

You’ve told us our iPhone widgets are really useful for accessing your favorite Google apps and features. Now, we’re bringing them to the iPad in a big way.

In the coming weeks, Google Photos and YouTube Music will roll out extra large versions of their popular widgets so you can easily access some of your best Memories and favorite music on your iPad Home Screen.

Easier access to Google on iOS

We’ve already made it easy to find what you need in Google Drive using Spotlight. And starting today, if you search for your favorite song in Spotlight, you can start playing it directly in YouTube Music.

ISOCELL HP1: Resolution Redefined

Source: Samsung

If every picture tells a story, then pictures snapped with the ISOCELL HP1 speak volumes.
Combining ultra-high resolution with fast autofocus and unparalleled low-light performance, Samsung’s newest image sensor allows you to capture any moment in impeccable detail. Here’s how the ISOCELL HP1 is changing the mobile photography game.

200 Million Pixels
The ISOCELL HP1’s ultra-high resolution is a big leap forward for mobile photography. Based on Samsung’s 0.64μm pixels, the ISOCELL HP1 is the world’s first 200-megapixel (MP) image sensor.
The sensor’s groundbreaking pixel count allows you to faithfully capture each and every aspect of your favorite moments. This means that images captured with the ISOCELL HP1 contain a world of detail even when cropped or zoomed in. To help users take full advantage of the 200MP sensor, the ISOCELL HP1 comes with Samsung’s new 4×4 hybrid pixel-binning technology, which allows it to adjust its pixel layout to suit the shooting environment, and is powered by a sophisticated, deep learning-based software remosaic.
The sensor’s pixel-binning technology also enables it to record crisp 8K videos with minimum loss in the field of view. It works by combining four pixels into one 1.28μm-sized pixel, allowing you to capture gorgeous 8K videos at 30fps, and stunning 4K slow-motion clips at 120fps.
Light Up the Night
Say goodbye to grainy low-light photos. The ISOCELL HP1’s combination of pixel-binning technology, Smart-ISO and multisampling allows you to capture clearer photos in dark settings.
When shooting in low-light environments, 4×4 hybrid pixel-binning technology – one of the ISOCELL HP1’s most versatile innovations – merges 16 pixels into one large, 2.56μm-sized pixel. This greatly improves the sensor’s light absorption, producing bright, 12.5MP images with less noise.
Smart-ISO, meanwhile, allows the ISOCELL HP1 to intelligently adjust to various lighting conditions. In dim environments, it switches to High ISO mode to deliver brighter, clearer photos. In well-lit environments, it selects Low ISO mode to ensure accurate colors and to reduce oversaturation. Finally, the image sensor’s multisampling technology reduces noise by analyzing multiple readouts of each pixel and averaging them into one.
Vibrant HDR Photos
The ISOCELL HP1 combines crystal clear details with vivid colors that make your photos pop. This is possible thanks to the addition of cutting-edge technologies like Staggered HDR and Smart-ISO Pro.
The former allows the image sensor to achieve a wide dynamic range of 100dB. A fast and efficient method of producing high dynamic range images, Staggered HDR captures frames at short, middle and long exposures to accurately expose shadows and highlights. It then merges those exposures into one image, so you can enjoy crisp, clear photos even in mixed-lighting scenarios. The ISOCELL HP1 also features Smart-ISO Pro, which takes Smart-ISO’s benefits a step further to enhance HDR video recording with sharper images and fewer motion artifacts.
Focus at the Speed of Life
To make it easier for users to capture fleeting moments, Samsung equipped the ISOCELL HP1 with fast and accurate autofocus. This is made possible thanks to the image sensor’s Double Super PD phase detection technology. Double Super PD technology contains twice as many autofocus pixels as Super PD. Those pixels are covered by AF micro-lenses that allow you to focus on fast-moving objects faster and capture stunning content.
With its groundbreaking resolution and cutting-edge technologies, the ISOCELL HP1 offers users access to a whole new world of detail. Get the most out of any moment with an image sensor that’s designed for a new era of mobile photography.

GE Foundation Announces Grant to Provide Afghan Refugee Resettlement Support

Source: GE

Boston – September 20, 2021 – The GE Foundation today announced a donation of US$100,000 to support the relocation of Afghan families into communities across the United States. The donation will fund Team Rubicon, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that utilizes the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams following disasters and humanitarian crises. The donation will help the organization support the management and coordination of donated goods and distribution in various locations; site management and logistical support, including language services, COVID-19 vaccinations and visa services at arrival sites; and housing assistance for newly arrived families. In addition to the organization’s donation, GE employees can support relief efforts through its Matching Gifts Program.

“It’s our honor to support Team Rubicon and partner with GE’s Veterans Network as we help the people of Afghanistan,” said Linda Boff, President, GE Foundation, and Vice President, GE. “We hope that this grant will provide relief to Afghan families who are starting a new life.”

Led by GE’s Veterans Network, the entire GE team is working to help those impacted. To help the Afghan refugees, many of whom arrived with little more than the clothing on their backs, employees have created an Amazon Wish List with a variety of much needed clothing and the GE Aviation Team has organized a U.S. troops care package drive, where employees can purchase items online to send to deployed service members.

GE employees who make eligible donations to Team Rubicon or other participating charities can register for a match with the GE Foundation’s Matching Gifts program, which supports employees’ personal philanthropy and charitable giving by providing a 1:1 match. The GE Foundation created the concept of a corporate matching gift program in 1954. Today, the program continues to serve as an important element of the Foundation’s portfolio, with gifts matched in 2020 totaling $16.8 million.

“We are honored to receive this grant from the GE Foundation,” said Art delaCruz, Chief Executive Officer of Team Rubicon. “This generous donation will allow us to meet the needs of Afghan families as they begin their new lives in the US. It is our privilege to play a role in their resettlement.”

GE’s Disaster and Humanitarian Relief program responds to major global disasters and humanitarian crises, drawing on GE’s people, technology and other resources to reduce suffering and hasten recovery. Since 2020, GE Foundation’s philanthropic contribution in disaster relief totaled nearly $5.4 million, which was largely focused on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. GE remains committed to preparing for and responding to future natural disasters and humanitarian crises, diligently maximizing the impact of our financial, technological, and human resources.

About Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon serves communities by mobilizing veterans to continue their service by leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. Founded following the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the organization has grown to almost 150,000 volunteers across the United States and has launched nearly 1,000 operations both domestically and internationally. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Team Rubicon has not only pivoted to be able to continue to deliver disaster response and rebuild services in core mission areas but has also expanded their scope of missions to meet community needs brought about by COVID. Visit www.teamrubiconusa.org for more information.

About the GE Foundation

The GE Foundation, an independent charitable organization funded by GE, is committed to transforming our communities and shaping the diverse workforce of tomorrow by leveraging the power of GE. Through Next Engineers, we are increasing the diversity of young people in engineering. In our hometown of Boston, we are working to improve workforce diversity, attack the opioid crisis, and drive STEM education in public schools. We are also inspiring others to act by connecting GE people with communities through our Matching Gifts Program and Disaster Relief. The GE STAR awards provide financial support to children of eligible children of GE employees for their achievements. Learn more at www.ge.com/foundation and follow us on Twitter at @GE_Foundation.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jeff Caywood
Director, Headquarter’s Communications
+1 857 337 4101
+1 617 443 2993
[email protected]
Joy Moh
Team Rubicon
[email protected]

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Samsung and t3 Broadband Collaborate to Deliver 4G and 5G Network Solutions to Regional Service Providers

Source: Samsung

Collaboration brings Samsung’s latest 4G- and 5G-powered CBRS and RAN innovations to remote and rural communities, helping consumers and businesses gain next-generation services
t3 Broadband, a provider of reliable and innovative technology solutions for rural and under-served communities, and Samsung Electronics America, Inc., announced they will collaborate to deliver 4G and 5G solutions to regional service providers serving remote, hard-to-reach communities. These solutions—which include Samsung’s Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) RAN and Core products—will help regional service providers boost their networks for enhanced performance, reliability and efficiency, improving access and service for a new generation of users.
The agreement combines t3 Broadband’s expertise, which includes designing and deploying network solutions and services for remote operations, with access to Samsung’s end-to-end 5G network solutions. t3 will begin by providing Samsung’s 5G-capable CBRS products to regional service providers, helping these operators deliver and enhance broadband connectivity to residents in hard-to-reach locations.
“With t3 Broadband’s extensive experience in many technologies used to serve rural communities, we are pleased to collaborate with the Samsung team to deliver end-to-end products and support this very important marketplace,” says Chris Crowe, Chief Executive Officer for t3 Broadband.  “Between our service offerings and Samsung’s technology, we are confident we can make a significant impact for our current and future customers.”
CBRS is a radio-frequency spectrum from 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz that—in addition to helping extend Internet connectivity in under-served locations—can also be used to replace last-mile fiber access to customer sites, deliver fixed-wireless services to consumers, and offer operators a pathway to 5G evolution. Additionally, enterprises and service providers can use CBRS to boost business and private network communications, including applications and services for IoT, AI and automation.
“Samsung has prioritized network expansion in order to meet the needs of a new generation of 5G-powered consumers, and our partner ecosystem plays a key role in this expansion,” said Imran Akbar, Vice President and Head of New Business Team, Networks Business, Samsung Electronics America. “We look forward to collaborating with t3 Broadband to bring advanced connectivity to rural U.S. communities through innovative regional service providers, starting with CBRS and RAN technologies that help bridge the digital divide in remote regions.”
Samsung Networks has pioneered the successful delivery of 5G end-to-end solutions including chipsets, radios, and core network technologies. Moreover, Samsung has been continuously driving the industry to advance 5G networks further with its latest market-leading solutions, including fully virtualized RAN and Core. The company is currently providing connectivity to hundreds of millions of users around the world.
For more information on Samsung’s CBRS solutions, please visit here.
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ICC and Union of Arab Banks enter Memorandum of Understanding

Source: International Chamber of Commerce

Headline: ICC and Union of Arab Banks enter Memorandum of Understanding

The International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) and the Union of Arab Banks (“UAB”) have joined forces to promote the use of arbitration and ADR for the settlement of banking disputes.

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Equatorial Guinea Tackles Twin Tragedies with the Help of IMF Emergency Assistance

Source: International Monetary Fund

The waterfront in Bata, Equatorial Guinea is pictured. An accidental explosion rocked the city in March, adding to the country’s needs during the pandemic. (photo: alarico by Getty Images)

Equatorial Guinea Tackles Twin Tragedies with the Help of IMF Emergency Assistance

September 20, 2021

The pandemic continues to batter Equatorial Guinea like most countries in the region. To add to the unfolding health crisis, a series of massive accidental explosions at a military compound ripped through Bata, its largest city, this year, killing more than 100 people and causing widespread damage (about 2.5 percent of GDP). The twin shocks of the pandemic and explosions were too much to overcome without emergency assistance.

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On September 15, the IMF Executive Board approved $67.38 million in funding under the Rapid Financing Instrument. This is an important first step in addressing a large financing gap in Equatorial Guinea arising from the twin shocks. In a conversation with IMF Country Focus, Valentin Ela Maye, Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning, describes how the government will use the assistance in a transparent manner, providing much-needed resources to meet immediate humanitarian needs and continue economic reforms.

How will the emergency financing be used to support the economy?

With the collapse of international oil prices and the emergence of COVID-19, Equatorial Guinea’s economic indicators have deteriorated sharply since the start of the government’s financial program supported by the IMF Extended Fund Facility (EFF) signed in December 2019. These unanticipated events, coupled with the recent disaster in the city of Bata have produced a large funding gap in the national budget and the balance of payments, limiting the government’s ability to fully address the effects of the crises.

The government plans to use the emergency funds provided by the IMF to continue economic support to the numerous victims of the Bata explosions, rehabilitate the social and economic infrastructure, including residential housing, schools, and utility lines destroyed by the explosions, and continue financing the pandemic containment plan. It is important to note that despite the efforts deployed in preventing COVID-19, the country’s capacity to continue managing the health emergency remains limited. It is imperative that we strengthen hospital infrastructure and increase medical staffing at all levels, particularly after the recent spike in the number of infections being monitored by the Health Department.

It is also critical that we allocate resources to support a post-COVID-19 strategy to aid the recovery of small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) of the non-oil sector, which are the country’s principal engine of job creation.

What measures have the authorities taken during this difficult period?

A public health emergency was declared in March of last year, and economic measures were adopted to strengthen social protections and support SMEs. They included temporary tax benefits for non-oil businesses, a social assistance program for the most vulnerable population, and reforms to contain the fiscal deficit, despite the increase in public spending required to cope with the pandemic.

The measures also included the formulation of a healthcare plan to prevent and mitigate COVID-19, the suspension of in-person educational activities, the closing of borders, nonessential retail trade and services, and strong preventive measures for essential sectors, which had also seen a contraction in activity.

Despite the adverse impact on the economy, the government succeeded in effectively containing the pandemic, mainly through the early start of the vaccination campaign, and conducting strict contact tracing despite the country’s geography.

In response to the Bata disaster, an assessment of damages and number of affected persons was undertaken with assistance from international experts, and work has begun on the design and evaluation of a reconstruction plan for the city. Senior government officials took the lead in providing economic assistance to the victims to meet basic housing and living expenses as well as medical assistance.

We also continued progress on the agenda of structural reforms agreed with the IMF, despite the drastic change in macroeconomic and financial conditions faced by the country since early 2020. An example of this is our commitment to improve governance and fight corruption with the adoption in May of the law on preventing and combating corruption, which was drafted with technical assistance from the IMF and in line with international standards.

In parallel, we moved ahead in other areas of utmost importance for public financial management, including the electronic customs system now in operation in the capital city of Malabo, the implementation of a software application for execution and control of current expenditure, and the capital expenditure monitoring system developed with technical assistance from the World Bank. We have also made progress with the online publication of national laws.

What are the government’s priorities to support the recovery?

The adoption of the Anti-Corruption Law is a fundamental step to improve governance, attract foreign investment, promote fiscal transparency, and prevent the misuse of public funds, all of which will benefit the economic recovery. The government plans to approve regulations that will require senior officials to report their assets and have that information published as soon as possible, in addition to establishing an anti-corruption commission.

At the same time, we are determined to continue with other structural reforms such as the clearing of domestic arrears, which will not only strengthen the private business sector but also benefit the national banking system by improving financial indicators. We also continue to work to strengthen the tax and customs administration, to modernize the public financial management framework, and to advance all the actions that will help us increase revenue collection and improve the business climate. Another priority in our agenda is to promote economic diversification away from the hydrocarbon sector. In fact, the new Sustainable Development Strategy “Agenda Guinea Ecuatorial 2035” has been recently approved.

How will the government ensure the transparent use of funds? How will the government’s Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Plan come into play?

We are determined to implement the necessary actions to improve governance and fight corruption. This commitment is backed by the implementation of the prior actions concerning the transparent use of resources required for access to the IMF emergency loan.

Adoption of the anti-corruption law, which is aligned with the highest international standards, is a key step toward stronger management and increased transparency of public resources. The contracting of international audit firms to ensure the proper use of expenditure relating to both COVID-19 and the Bata emergency response attests to our government’s commitment. The terms of reference for the audits are published on the Ministry of Finance website. To increase transparency in the hydrocarbon sector, we are finalizing an information report on this sector and audits of the state oil and gas companies, and we will publish all these reports.

Last, but not least, I would like to emphasize that we are continuing efforts on the actions defined in the Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Plan approved in late 2019.

EA Completes Acquisition of Playdemic from AT&T

Source: AT&T

About Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. The Company develops and delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices and personal computers.

In fiscal year 2021, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $5.6 billion. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, EA is recognized for a portfolio of critically acclaimed, high-quality brands such as EA SPORTS™ FIFA, Battlefield™, Apex Legends™, The Sims™, Madden NFL, Need for Speed™, Titanfall™ and F1™. More information about EA is available at www.ea.com/news.

EA SPORTS, Ultimate Team, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Apex Legends, The Sims and Titanfall are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. John Madden, NFL, FIFA and F1 are the property of their respective owners and used with permission.

About Warner Bros. Games

Warner Bros. Games is a premier worldwide publisher, developer, licensor and distributor of entertainment content for the interactive space across all platforms, including console, handheld, mobile and PC-based gaming for both internal and third-party game titles. Additional information about Warner Bros. Games can be found at www.warnerbrosgames.com.

*About AT&T

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a diversified, global leader in telecommunications, media and entertainment, and technology. Consumers and businesses have more than 225 million monthly subscriptions to our services. AT&T Communications provides more than 100 million U.S. consumers with entertainment and communications experiences across mobile and broadband. Plus, it serves high-speed, highly secure connectivity and smart solutions to nearly 3 million business customers. WarnerMedia is a leading media and entertainment company that creates and distributes premium and popular content to global audiences through its consumer brands, including: HBO, HBO Max, Warner Bros., TNT, TBS, truTV, CNN, DC Entertainment, New Line, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Turner Classic Movies. Xandr, now part of WarnerMedia, provides marketers with innovative and relevant advertising solutions for consumers around premium video content and digital advertising through its platform. AT&T Latin America provides pay-TV services across 10 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean and wireless services to consumers and businesses in Mexico.

AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc. Additional information is available at about.att.com. © 2021 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the Globe logo and other marks are trademarks and service marks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.